Low calorie recipes – No obsessing over Kilojoules

Low calorie recipes - snacking on sweet potato and quinoa cakes

High kilojoule foods often have too much salt and sugar in them. I find it quite challenging looking for healthy meals from my low calorie recipes. I’m looking for tasty foods not filled with the bad stuff, and just love light foods that keep hunger at bay. I have noticed that a lot of people are cautious about the calorie count when it comes to main meals of the day, but they tend to overlook the calories when it comes to snacking. Give me a fresh mango cut into slices and with Greek yoghurt and you won’t have to worry about this delightful snack’s sweeteners and additives.

One of my favourite low calorie recipes when it comes to snacking is sweet potato quinoa cakes. I make these on a Sunday evening and then nibble on them through the week. They’re full of healthy ingredients such as olive oil, fresh chives, eggs and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are readily available and delicious and are high in vitamin B6 too and you can eat them roasted, baked, steamed or grilled or just eat them on top of some leafy salad.


Kiwifruit with Greek Yogurt – Sneaky but Healthy Treat

Kiwifruit benefits

Before I go for my run, I’ve told you my purpose is health. I’m trying to get more raw foods into my diet and kiwifruits are just not healthy, but super delish too. I love that in my efforts to get ready for my job which starts at 10, there’s no real prep work with kiwifruit. You just wash them and eat them as they are, skin and all. I couldn’t believe it the other day when I discovered that the kiwi has more Vitamin C in it than an orange! I’ve read that eating this fruit just twice a week can do wonders for coughs, runny noses and sneezing. They’re actually loaded with nutritional benefits and have lots of potassium and fibre – two nutrients we can all do with. Just add kiwifruit into a tropical fruit salad and you’ll discover you can’t be without that decadent tang they bring. I’ve started eating fruit more with Greek yogurt and have discovered for myself a can’t-wait-to-have healthy treat.