Healthy food

Healthy food and its cost

Healthy food is something which is simply easy to prepare and good for the body. But still this healthy food costs more than normal junk food available at a lower cost. why healthy food costs more is a question which came to my mind and I went researching for the answer. A very good explanation I found in a Harvard’s magazine article. The first point is that inexpensive food is inexpensive because it focuses more on being able to produce more calories at a lesser cost. This has been the effort of humans since they started cultivating crops. The main reason was the increase in population and the need to get enough food for all. However, the focus has changed now with these inexpensive food items causing many diseases which were earlier unheard of. The harmful effect of the less costly and supposedly unhealthy food actually costs more. In a country like New Zealand, one can take small loans to cover extra costs, like a change in diet and exercise regime, is one company which provides cash loans very easily, and the company offers no fees and interest on the first loan. But it is still very difficult to eat food which is healthy in developing and poor nations. The solution to this global issue is to provide health foods at lower costs.


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