About me

Hi! My name is Linda and I’ve got a newfound passion for eating healthy food and running! I started this page to connect with healthy people around the world and give them a look at the running paths in NZ. About me is quite easy. I am nurse by profession and currently work for a city government doing a variety jobs in the health department. My job starts at 10 but I am always up the crack of dawn. I try to eat a set of healthy food for breakfast, then I start my day with a good run through our fields nearby the town where I live and work. I know, right! It’s incredible. Have a look at all the photos I take, because I run with a funny little fanny pack which holds my phone and some water. My goal is to get at least one good shot a day. Ok, Ok. I know that the photos are just i-phone shots, but I think you’ll like the views! Who doesn’t??!) It’s my home, and I love it more than anything.


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