Seasonal fruit juice for health

Seasonal fruit juice for health

Staying healthy is the new drug of choice and everyone is doing it; the benefits of the health drug are that it has no negative side effects. You can attain healthy living through a combination of many tried and tested methods, whether it’s by exercising or eating the right foods. The healthy way of life is not dull and you can make your favourite things work for you. If you are a juice head like me you could always find ways to ensure that the juices you are drinking are of the healthiest varieties. There are a number of health benefits of fruit juices, such as getting a direct injection of nutrients and other great protective compounds. To top it all off fresh fruit juices are very tasty and full of natural flavour. The best and healthiest juice is made from seasonal fruit, this is because every season has a variety of its own fruits and they are easy to attain which makes them cheaper and you are always assured that they are fresh. Seasonal fruit juice is very simple to make and you really do not need a recipe just go out and buy some fruits that are in season, mix them up and enjoy. The combinations are endless and you should let your body decide what it is in the mood for. If you are feeling really adventurous though you could try adding some superfoods to your fruit juice like blueberries, pomegranates and green leafy vegetables. There is just no end to the health benefit of fruit juices
especially if you make seasonal fruit juice with added superfoods. Your body will thank you later.


Healthy food

Healthy food and its cost

Healthy food is something which is simply easy to prepare and good for the body. But still this healthy food costs more than normal junk food available at a lower cost. why healthy food costs more is a question which came to my mind and I went researching for the answer. A very good explanation I found in a Harvard’s magazine article. The first point is that inexpensive food is inexpensive because it focuses more on being able to produce more calories at a lesser cost. This has been the effort of humans since they started cultivating crops. The main reason was the increase in population and the need to get enough food for all. However, the focus has changed now with these inexpensive food items causing many diseases which were earlier unheard of. The harmful effect of the less costly and supposedly unhealthy food actually costs more. In a country like New Zealand, one can take small loans to cover extra costs, like a change in diet and exercise regime, is one company which provides cash loans very easily, and the company offers no fees and interest on the first loan. But it is still very difficult to eat food which is healthy in developing and poor nations. The solution to this global issue is to provide health foods at lower costs.

Low calorie recipes – No obsessing over Kilojoules

Low calorie recipes - snacking on sweet potato and quinoa cakes

High kilojoule foods often have too much salt and sugar in them. I find it quite challenging looking for healthy meals from my low calorie recipes. I’m looking for tasty foods not filled with the bad stuff, and just love light foods that keep hunger at bay. I have noticed that a lot of people are cautious about the calorie count when it comes to main meals of the day, but they tend to overlook the calories when it comes to snacking. Give me a fresh mango cut into slices and with Greek yoghurt and you won’t have to worry about this delightful snack’s sweeteners and additives.

One of my favourite low calorie recipes when it comes to snacking is sweet potato quinoa cakes. I make these on a Sunday evening and then nibble on them through the week. They’re full of healthy ingredients such as olive oil, fresh chives, eggs and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are readily available and delicious and are high in vitamin B6 too and you can eat them roasted, baked, steamed or grilled or just eat them on top of some leafy salad.

Kiwifruit with Greek Yogurt – Sneaky but Healthy Treat

Kiwifruit benefits

Before I go for my run, I’ve told you my purpose is health. I’m trying to get more raw foods into my diet and kiwifruits are just not healthy, but super delish too. I love that in my efforts to get ready for my job which starts at 10, there’s no real prep work with kiwifruit. You just wash them and eat them as they are, skin and all. I couldn’t believe it the other day when I discovered that the kiwi has more Vitamin C in it than an orange! I’ve read that eating this fruit just twice a week can do wonders for coughs, runny noses and sneezing. They’re actually loaded with nutritional benefits and have lots of potassium and fibre – two nutrients we can all do with. Just add kiwifruit into a tropical fruit salad and you’ll discover you can’t be without that decadent tang they bring. I’ve started eating fruit more with Greek yogurt and have discovered for myself a can’t-wait-to-have healthy treat.